After touring the world for 15 years for some of the most famous iconic musicians of our time: The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Shania Twain, Justin Timberlake, and Black Eyed Peas, it became very clear to us that there is a need for a REVOLUTION in the staging industry. Buyers want products that return their investment, designers want unlimited creative freedom for their production budget, and roadies want products that work in a real life world on the road.




Although ACASS-SYSTEMS’ background is in the Rock n Roll industry, it is only one facet of the company. ACASS-SYSTEMS believe you ‘deserve a better tomorrow’ and therefore if you have a concept that will improve tomorrow, our team would be more than happy to facilitate you in making it a reality.


Many people out there have the ability to invent, but not many have the ability to take that concept to the next level. This is where ACASS-SYSTEMS comes to the party, helping inventors and small entrepreneurs, by taking their hand drawn sketches and creating 3D renderings of their designs. We will also conduct a feasibility study to ensure your design can make money for you. We can suggest the best materials for use in manufacturing and send you on the right path to manufacture your product.