3D Projector Mounting Systems

3D Image Projection Mapping is fast becoming a ‘must have’ within sporting arenas around the country. Video content and still images can be projected onto the arena floor to a create a 3D show of its own, immersing the crowd in color, lights and sound.


ACASS-SYSTEMS is an industry innovator in 3D Projector Mounting Systems. Our systems are custom engineered to suit the building or stadium layout, ensuring the projected image reaches all aspects of the floor. Each system is designed with a zero center of gravity and for double or triple stacked mounting. Mounting systems are permanent installs that are fully adjustable, easy to adjust and require zero maintenance whilst being light weight. The mounting system allows easy access to the projector for maintenance purposes.  Our quality systems are the most cost effective on the market.


Fully automated systems and stationary systems are available for install. Automated systems are fully programmable for tracking or multiple focal positions.


NBA teams Cleveland Cavaliers, Philly Sixers and Atlanta Hawks and NHL stars Newark Devils have all enlisted the skills of Acass-Systems to install stationary Mounting Systems using Barco projectors supplied by Quince Imaging who also provided networking and 3D content management. To see what the remarkable projections created, check out the video at the bottom of the page by Quince Imaging


Touring rental systems are also available and customizable.


ACASS-SYSTEMS specialize in turn key, custom engineered solutions with short turnarounds and quick and easy installations. You can be guaranteed a high quality product in a timely manner. Contact us today for further information and design options for your arena.