Other Products

Video Frames:
ACASS-SYSTEMS can design and manufacture Video Frames to suit your video panel specifications.  From premade panels to working with your video department to design the panel itself, we can create the product for you.

20140903_123957 NCM_0075


Customer Set Carts:
Set carts can be customized to suit your needs.  Contact us with the product specifications and we can design you a set cart that will ensure ease of load in and load out and take into consideration truck packs also.  ACASS-SYSTEMS will also design custom set carts for products designed in house to ensure you get the best possible product
Set carts are available for:

  • Custom staging solutions
  • Video frames and high capacity carts
  • Lighting pods and pre-hung truss systems
  • Rigging and motors and motor baskets
  • Customized set pieces and specialized props


Electric Ladder:
ACASS-SYSTEMS’ Electric Ladder can be customized to suit your needs.  Constructed from Steel, with stainless steel parts and anodized aluminum on the rungs and receptacle boxes, this product is built to survive the Rock n Roll industry as well as be placed on a showroom floor.
Each ladder section contains the following:

  • Top/bottom power,  each ladder can receive power and signal from the top down or the bottom up
  • [Pass through circuitry, all circuits and signals pass through each ladder
  • Separate circuits, each circuit has its own 3 wires therefore no sharing of neutral or ground.  Each ladder has 12 power circuits and 2-5 DMX circuits
  • Safety locks
  • 2 or 3 stage telescoping with over extension protection to avoid the destruction of wires should the telescoping legs be pulled apart
  • Power disconnect allowing 3-6 power circuits and 1 DMX circuit to be disconnected on each side at one time
  • Individual pieces lock together to the length you require
  • Customize to suit your design


Ground Protection:
The Helios Trak Flooring System is designed for ground coverage for outdoor events and construction sites, and can provide a uniform safe work environment. This system’s flexibility of install can be made into staging platforms for support or installed in form of pedestrian pathways or temp access paths for driving heavy equipment, cranes and forklifts to and from site. Each panel locks solidly to each other distributing weight evenly. There are no trip hazards and Helios Trak’s unique angle adjustable edging can adjust to any ground angle.
Load Capacity: 15 tons per Sq. ft. with good ground stability
Weight: 5.5 lbs. per square ft.
Dimensions: 833 mm (32.8 in) x 1.66 meters (65.6 in) x 2 in thick
Trucking: 7300 Sq. ft. per flatbed trailer
Textured finish: non-slip grip finish for pedestrian safety
Material: T6 Extruded Aluminum

euro helios 7 euro helios 5


Kabuki Systems:
ACASS-SYSTEMS’ Kabuki systems are designed for a quick and efficient set up.  Featuring a low profile body with LED power indication, locking nuetrik plugs, quick and easy finger reset and no loose cables or plugs to be damaged in shipping.  Its a 120V 30amp design available for rental or purchase.

kabuki 2 2 kabuki truss 2


Additional Products:

  • Road cases
  • Outdoor roof structures
  • Quick changes
  • Quick change mirror stations
  • Roll drops & Austrian systems
  • Rolling stage solutions
  • Treadmills
  • LED Decking
  • Elevators and toasters
  • Riser packages
  • Scenic set pieces