Curved System

The M1 Curved Barricade


The M1 Curved Barricade has potential to add ticket sales and revenue as it creates more floor space while maintaining
crowd safety and comfort. Our curved barricade allows for customization to any compound curve at next to no extra cost.
Equipped with our NO-BOLT locking system, our curved barricade is as easy and quick to set up as our standard sections.
The curved sections will even flat pack into the same cart with our standard M1 Barricade.




Curved Barricade

Special Design Features

  • Customize to any compound curve or radius at next to no extra cost
  • Tightest inside curve is 49″ radius (Upright Bar Measurement)
  • Tightest outside curve is 106″ radius (Upright Bar Measurement)
  • Design freedom while maintaining crown safety and comfort
  • Adds revenue by creating more floor space for more ticket sales
  • Flat packs into cart with our standard M1 Barricade
  • Quick no bolt design for a fast load in and out