Standard Models

The M1 Barricade System


Crowd friendly, no bolt barricade system designed for the live entertainment industry.



M1 Barricade by ACASS-SYSTEMSThe M1 Barricade system is designed by ACASS-SYSTEMS, for use in any live event that needs a safe, secure, and quickly installed crowd control system. Our revolutionary design has eliminated the use of bolts and instituted a new, stronger locking system. This revolutionary lock has allowed the barricade system to be, by far, the quickest to assembled, with a 5/16” hex key being the only tool needed. Time is money in our industry, and a system that installs 2:1 over the competition can have a huge effect on overall labor costs.


Our locking system has been custom designed to be stronger than any 2 bolt system currently used. Our nonpinching design even allows for setup on uneven pitches and flexing during the show if the ground is soft. Our personnel gates allow for wheel chair access, and our cable gates allow technicians to access their cables with the barricade in place. Once the barricade is standing, our non-collapsing erection feature cannot collapse on personnel allowing for a safer working environment when setting the system up or taking it down.



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Product Features

M1 Barricade is designed for easy installation. A 5/16” hex key is the only tool needed to set up the barricade. With a quick and nimble set up, our barricade says your production time & money all while providing an efficent wayto keep performers, workers, and
audience members safe.
M1 Barricade lock solidly with our properitary locking system. This lock produces a system that is stronger than any 2 bolt system currently used.
M1 Barricade comes in various configurations. From our standard 1m, to 1/2m, to 45° angles, to curved sections, to much needed personnel gates & cable gates, ACASS-SYSTEMS has your production covered with flexiable barricade solutions.