Cable Ramp Systems

The X2 Cable Ramp System

Pedestrian friendly cable management system designed for heavy machinery and pedestrians.

Product Details

X2 Cable Ramps are lightweight, making it ideal for manual installation and are designed for flexibility. Whether you are crossing pathways or across a large area, the system locks together on the sides and guarantees no trip hazards. The lower profile allows for easy maneuverability with forklifts, heavy machinery, and road cases.


X2 Cable Ramps by ACASS-SYSTEMS

Cable Ramp Dimensions:
C33X2 12
• 42” wide x 47” long x 2.75” thick
(1.067m x 1.194m x 69.85mm)
Cable Capacity
• 40 single 4/O runs
Tray Configuration
• Comes in 2, 4, 6, & 8 tray wide
• 116lbs (4 tray configuration)
• Non-slip grip finish for pedestrian safety
• Comes in brushed aluminum or a bright safety yellow
Ramp Carts:
• Dimensions: 45” wide x 56” long x 64” high
(1.143m x 1.422m x 1.626m)
• 20 ramps per cart










Product Features


X2 Cable Ramps lock solidly to each other by simply pushing them together. This distributes weight evenly without producting trip hazards.
X2 Cable Ramps are designed for flexibility. The system comes in 2, 4, 6, & 8 tray configuration to adjust for custom needs. Also comes in 45° corners, allowing you to work around site objects.
X2 Cable Ramps are designed for easy installation. The ramps lock solidly together and unlock with a simple push of a unlock tab. Carts are loaded in the lay down configuration for worker safety.